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Happy Thursday!

May is here and so is a new photo a day challenge.

Find it here!

But I still have a few left from April to share and here they are…

26. Black and white- sad attempt at a self portrait

27. somewhere you went- Cracker Barrell

28. 1pm- on my way to a wedding shower

29. circle- cleaning the pool

30. something that makes you sad- the last pieces of candy


1. peach- a little doodle

2. skyline- the one I wish I was looking at


It’s craft day!

Hello! Let’s do a super easy craft!

Today’s craft comes from:

Jessica at How About Orange blog

I have another great paint chip craft for you! All you need is some fun colored paint chips, scissors, and a frame!

Check it out here!

She makes triangles but I bet it would look cool in other shapes as well!

What shape would you pick?

Instagram Replay

Here is the latest and greatest from last week and this week.

Only a few more days left of April’s challenge, do you have the May one ready to go?? Get it here!

19. orange- Adobe illustrator files of my latest creations

20. something you drew (oops i forgot)

21. bottle (forgot this one too)

22. the last thing you bought- ice cream!

23. vegatable

24. something you are grateful for- family and friends

25. looking down- at my new shoes

Some Extras!

Wedding Invites and Programs I designed, getting to see them printed.

New desk at work.

New shoes!

Spending my night reading the Narnia series.

So there’s what I have for the week!

Cheap and easy crafting!

It’s Wednesday! And time for another awesome cheap craft!

Song Lyric Wall Art

brought to you by A Beautiful Mess Blog

Do this all in ten easy steps and all you need is: Artwork, Letter stickers, Paint, a Paint Brush and Scissors.

Easy enough!

Hope you enjoyed today’s craft! Check back tomorrow for Instagram Replay!

I have some yummy photos to share!

oh monday… let’s create beautiful photos!

Welcome back!

Hope your weekend was happy and fun! Here’s a few from my weekend!

I wanted to share with you today the wonderful tips for creating beautiful iPhone photos from Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim.

She goes over the rule of thirds which is great for any photography skill.

Easy to learn and gives a great spin on your photos!

Check her out here!

What tips do you follow for your iPhone photos?

She’s also the one that creates the photo a day challenges!

May’s is up. Looks like fun!

Take the challenge!

Happy Friday!

 Here is another 365 Days of Tumbler quotation photo I hope to inspire you with from Aaron Judd.

God created a beautiful day today! Did you notice? I sure did and I don’t mean just the weather. He blessed me so much today! He is amazing!

Have a safe and amazing weekend everyone!

Instagram Replay

Happy Thursday!

Here’s the latest in the April photo a day challenge!

13.something you found- all this stuff was at my garage sale. I still have stuff to sell!

14. how you feel today

15.sunset (missed this one)

16.flower- I designed this for a bridal shower. It came out quite lovely!

17.something you don’t like- I hate doing the dishes. Can’t you tell? it’s getting so long!

19. Orange- latest work in Adobe Illustrator


Check back tomorrow for a little inspiration for the weekend! 

Cheap and Easy Crafty Craft Crafting…yay!

I have a super easy craft for you today and it’s super cheap!

Need a place to display all those photos but don’t want to buy frames?? Try this instead!

Now all those pet rocks have a purpose again! Yay! 

Photojojo’s DIY Stone Photo Holder

(click here for the full instructions, but its super easy!)

What you need:

        1. Medium-sized stones
        2. Green, cloth-covered florist wire sticks
        3. Wire cutters
        4. Something cylindrical to bend wire into a round, coil shape-pen or pencil
        5. The awesome photos you want to display

Step One: Rock Rinse

Step Two: Wire Wrap

Step Three: Snippin’ Time

Step Four: Do the Coil

Step Five: Put a Photo in it!

Ok, so what about all those seashells you collected?! That would be a cool idea too! Or little bottles or mason jars!

Hey the possibilities are endless!

What can you come up with? 

Wasn’t that easy and super cheap!? 

Check back tomorrow for Instagram Replay! I’ll be sharing all my lastest photos for the Aprilphotoaday challenge. 

Crazy week and its only Tuesday!

Monday’s blog tips….

So I know this is a late post but I wanted to share some blog tips from Living in Yellow’s blog. Erin is one of my favorite bloggers I’ve come across. Check her tips and tricks to having a great blog!

One big tip I’ve seen over and over is to always have photos on your posts. ALWAYS!

And another one that Erin says and makes a lot of sense is to have eye catching titles to your posts! Anyways go check out Erin’s tips! I don’t want to type them all out again. Also check out her other posts! She’s hilarious!

Tuesday’s Free Project

You can sign up to get notified from Art House Coop on their projects. Most of the time they have free ones going the same time other ones are too! They’re always interesting! But spots do go fast so you have to make sure to sign up in time. One day I’m actually going to do one. Check it out!

This is their latest free project. Make sure you take a look around at the other one too!

Check back tomorrow for our Pinterest Crafty craft time! Woo!

OH! And have you checked out my portfolio site? It’s just a sample of what I do! Let me know what you think!

Go here to see it!

It’s Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

For today’s post and future Friday’s I hope to inspire you with one of these lovely quotation photos from Aaron Judd. He does series of 365 days of Tumblr which are photos for every day of the year. I find them amazing and provoke thought. I leave you with this one. 

Have a great weekend! I’ll be quite busy with a garage sale! Yay!